About us

ODEA solutions was founded in June 2006 by a group of experienced industrial designers. These group of designers are passouts of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

There are two groups of consultants who are associated with ODEA solutions- the core team consisting of dedicated members of ODEA solutions and are located in Bangalore, India. The acssociated team consists of many members of different background like mechanical, electrical, electronics and aerospace from various parts of the world. Depending on the project requirements the team is formed with some members from the core team and some from the associated team. We have people who have doctoral degree, master's degree and bachelors degrees in many sicence and engineering fields.

We have expertise in individual domains possess the capability to handle different kinds of projects, while working in small groups. Basically we are having a core group and a network of supporting groups. Presently we have experts for designing the followings:

1. Design of automobile components (Automobile engineers)
2. Design of consumer goods (Industrial designers)
3. Design of buildings (architectural consultants)
4. Design of software in VC++, Java, C++, VB, .net etc. (software engineers)
5. Interior decoration (interior decorators)
6. Design of mechanical components (product designers, mechanical engineers and production engineers)
7. Functional design and prototyping (Manufacturing experts)
8. Web designing (Experienced web developers)
9. Graphics design (Industrial designers and graphics designers)
10. FEA of products (FEM experts with mechanical engineering background)

Projects are handled by experts and supporting people. Kindly contact us with your requirements in the following address: odeasolutions@yahoo.com or admin@odeasolutions.com.

In case you are interested to join our team as associate members kindly send your profile to us.

Registered office:

41, Vishnu Nivas, NGEF Colony
Sanjaynagar, Bangalore - 560094


Design services: Product : Product Analysis : Architectural : Interior : Graphics : Software : Web : Web Hosting

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